One81 Partners with BlockMesh

4 min readJun 10, 2021


Introduction to BlockMesh and our mission:

BlockMesh is committed to impacting the United Nations Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030 by ending poverty, fighting inequality, and addressing the urgency of climate change.

Our mission is to reach over 100 million people across the world by leveraging blockchain technologies. We will form partnerships to free people from the prohibitively high cost of accessing basic services (and the transactional fees associated with these services).

Guided by the Global Goals, BlockMesh will invest in the development of social services, partnerships, and the enabling blockchain technologies to build a better future for everyone.

Our Phased Approach, simplified;

Phase 1 — Build product (mesh chat apps): Our chat app development has been completed with a decentralized mesh communication infrastructure launch. See the links here to download and use the BlockMesh Chat App for Android and iOS smart devices.

Phase 2 — Grow user base on BlockMesh Chat as well as through partnerships/acquisition: This phase focuses on growing the portfolio of businesses that aim to create the world’s largest active consumer bases.

Phase 3 — Create a tokenised reward system: Here we will tokenize our user base through blockchain technologies and partnerships, enabling services like rewards systems, cross-border remittance, payments and other financial services that are currently prohibitively expensive in the traditional financial services sector.

What we have done thus far:

BlockMesh has recently completed Phase 1 of their updated roadmap by releasing the iOS and Android versions of their Mesh Chat apps to the Apple and Google Play Stores.

This app allows for free communication between corresponding smart devices based on a Bluetooth-enabled mesh network. So, as long as you and your recipient are in range on the mesh network you will be able to communicate without access to WiFi, cell reception, or data. All you need is Bluetooth.

BlockMesh launched an ICO in Feb 2018 to raise funds for the development of this app and future goals in the roadmap. After 3.5 years, and many bull runs, but far more bear markets, we’re still here. The BMH token is tradable on HitBTC and UniSwap with more exchanges being looked at constantly.

What problem are we solving?

People across the world do not have access to affordable, quality basic services and economic opportunities. These include access to health, education, gender equity, financial services, good governance and other services guided by the United Nations Global Goals.

BlockMesh invests in and develops products and partnerships that allow us to reach 100 million people. Underlying all of these products and partnerships are the enabling blockchain technologies that enable tokenization and multiple utilities.

What is One 81?

One 81 is a mobile-based microlearning platform with real rewards that looks to democratize and disrupt the current EdTech platforms like Coursera, Udemy and EdX.

Launching soon in South Africa, One 81 is aimed at democratising access to basic services in the same way Google did in the early ’90s.

They will reward individuals for engagement in their app by reducing the barriers to access to content and mobile services — particularly through access to mobile data (one of the rewards).

One 81 aligns with our strategy by also being a relatively young company, with aims and plans to make a more equitable digital future for the previously disadvantaged in Southern Africa and its surroundings.

Looking at One 81’s mobile learning and rewards platform we see lots of synergy with our stated goal of connecting 100m people to a blockchain through basic utility services, behavioural incentives, and transactional (trade) capabilities.

One of the exciting benefits of this partnership is that now that we have a working version of our free-to-use, and free-communications mesh chat app, we can look forward to the next phase of the BlockMesh project which is to drive user growth and adoption.

One way to do this is to drive interest and engagement with our chat app and engage and partner with other companies in this space. This is what we’re doing with One 81.


The finer details of how we will lean against one another are still to be determined but immediately obvious solutions include the mesh chat functionality into the One 81 app for easier communications with fellow learners/educators in-app.

Another option is to use our cryptocurrency token as one of the rewards for completing courses and/or as the intermediary which allows for all rewards value to be assigned to the brands and users on the One 81 platform.

All in all, this is an exciting and positive development for the BlockMesh holding company as it looks to expand and diversify its portfolio while being focused on up-and-coming African-based companies focused on solving some of the problems we all experience. And if not solving them completely, at least making them a bit easier to solve in the future.

As always, find out more by joining our Telegram group and send any questions or comments to us on Twitter or visit our website.




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