Do not trade BMH on CoinexMarket!

BlockMesh (BMH) tokens have been listed without our consent onto an allegedly fraudulent exchange, CoinexMarket. Do not trade BMH on this exchange. We do not have contact with their admins, and thus take no responsibility for potential damages. Please use HitBTC to trade BMH instead as this is the main exchange for trading BMH tokens.

Two days ago, we were surprised to see our token on this exchange as announced on their Twitter page as we had not made contact with their team. We put this down as a proactive listing as a response to our recent increase in trading volume as we’ve seen very positive growth over the last few weeks.

However, after looking deeper, we believe that this platform may be a potential scam.

Having looked at a few forums several users report that they aren’t able to make withdrawals on the platform, and after testing this ourselves, we concur.

So, we recommend that our clients and investors DO NOT USE OR REGISTER at Coinexmarket to trade BMH.

Any and all listings of BMH will be communicated in our official channels — be it here, on Twitter or on our Telegram group. So, if you see any listing information on any Exchange that has not been officially announced by us, be suspicious and if possible please alert us.

As always, find out more on our website and by joining our Telegram group and send any questions or comments to us on Twitter.

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