BlockMesh Update: Mesh Chat App Development

The #Meshie’s have to be one of the most active crypto-communities out there, and we’re so grateful! Many have asked about what’s been going on behind the scenes at BlockMesh and if you’re in the Telegram group and have been following us on Twitter, you’ll know this dev update is focused on our software development and timelines.

Our most recent WIN was getting BMH onto a top exchange, which many of our supporters have been asking for — and with the help of our new advisor Charlie Shrem we delivered with a listing on LATOKEN, which was in the Top 5 exchanges as per CMC this week, and is typically in the Top 10–20.

This is great, but, our mission remains to build a cost-free P2P communications channel on the Mesh Network, backed by the BMH token.

Unlike many blockchain startups that were created just to hold an ICO as fast as possible and have since imploded, BlockMesh has been continuously developing its business — even in this seismic bear market. We started in 2015 when our founder and CEO Bjorn Dingemans decided to employ mesh networking technology to provide internet solutions at cost-effective prices.

The first pilot of the network was launched that year at Stellenbosch University in South Africa for the residents and visiting students. Over 30 000 potential users put the platform to the test. In 2016, BlockMesh investigated the concept of rewarding users with cryptocurrency as an incentive to grow the network adoption rate and scale. Later that year, the team envisioned a hybrid version of the mesh network that utilizes blockchain technology.

Building mesh networks.

The very concept of BlockMesh is built on tokens and cost-free communications networks. Our goal is to provide cost-free communication with the primary focus on those that struggle with high cellular and data costs, as well as the unbanked in Africa.

To achieve it, we are creating a network where users earn rewards (BMH tokens) for supporting the network’s stability and range; BMH can be then redeemed to purchase regular mobile data, food, goods and services, etc.

That said, a cryptocurrency is only valuable if accepted in the real world. During 2017, we approached large retailers and corporations to partner with BlockMesh, thus enabling faster adoption and growth of the network through other means. Our work with retail integration is complicated and ongoing, but progress is being made.

You can learn more about the concept of BlockMesh in our whitepaper.

Now to what you came here for — the development next steps:

To us, it’s important to get as many people as possible to learn about BMH, its mesh network and chat app, and to build trust in it. So, we’re taking the next steps in rolling out our mesh chat app for iOS and Android smart devices by kicking off our development.

Our software development partner is a market leader in providing custom web and mobile solutions. They have built a rock-solid reputation in the app development community for providing excellent development and consulting services to a vast array of clients. What really interested us was their vast experience in geo-location and mesh network app and web projects. A symbiotic relationship, some would say.

We are undergoing the development of iOS and Android mobile applications that use and create mesh networks with surrounding smart devices to send messages and data to one another, offline.

By using a Bluetooth enabled mesh network the data is passed between devices without cell reception, data or WiFi. However, we will enable the ability to connect with other users via these systems should you be in range.

Estimated Schedule (Estimated 3 months to complete) includes:

  • Server Configuration and architecture/software setup
  • Graphical design concepts to skin and expand on the chat app
  • Back-end service developed for mobile application usage
  • Mobile Application development, implementing services, integration of graphical assets into the interface.
  • UX testing and adjustments
  • QA Testing: networking — mesh / online vs offline — validation of network error handling and user message
  • Tweaks and modification/working on application submission to the Google Play and Apple stores

Our combination of software (Phase 1), hardware (Phase 2), and blockchain (Phase 3), as well as our ability to act in an area that needs these solutions the most — Africa — is driving this product offering.

We’re looking forward to this chapter of the BlockMesh story and appreciate your support in helping us to achieve our goals.

As always, find out more by joining our Telegram group and send any questions or comments to us on Twitter or visit our website.



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