BlockMesh July Roundup

3 min readAug 17, 2018

BlockMesh is on a mission to connect the unconnected through a decentralized, cost-free communications network. To read about our progress in June, visit the article here.

BlockMesh attended RISE:

BlockMesh was proud and excited to be invited to attend the RISE Technology Conference held in Hong Kong in August this year. RISE is described as the world’s biggest tech conference and was well attended by startups, corporates, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and more. With an estimated 15 000 people passing through the 4-day conference, you can imagine how many great meetings, connections and opportunities our team were a part of.

We demonstrated how the Mesh Chat app creates a local mesh network by using low-budget Android smartphones with no SIM cards, unconnected to the Wi-Fi, and sent messages to one another.

We also unveiled our working MeshEx personal booster prototype for the first time at RISE. To say this received great praise, and that our booth was the busiest when compared to the other startups in our group is not an overstatement.

Central stage talks.

We feel that RISE was a great success as we were able to sign up with a new exchange (see below) as well as have productive meetings with two others, one of them being a Top 20 exchange.

We now look forward to following up with the opportunities created at RISE and planning for our next event as we look to spread the BlockMesh message to the rest of the world.

BlockMesh token BMH is going to be accepted in retailers across Africa:

We’re on our way to becoming the first company to integrate a cryptocurrency blockchain payment network in retail POS systems across the African continent. Soon, BMH tokens will be accepted at tills in exchange for goods and sold at the tills for cash.

This is a groundbreaking move for the retail economy in Africa, as well as for cryptocurrency in the global market. With this retail integration, BlockMesh has the potential to become the widest adopted cryptocurrency in Africa, and one of the most popular and commonly used cryptos as a form of payment.

Watch below for more details.

Game changer.

Making buying BMH easier:

We’re excited to announce that buying BMH is now easier than ever. You can now purchase the BMH token instantly via credit or debit card thanks to our integration with N.Exchange. This breaks down the barriers to investing in BMH and opens us up to the large, non-crypto-savvy audience globally.

Buy BMH here:

Successful prototype testing in the wild:

We’ve successfully tested our MeshEx personal booster up to 15kms in the wild. The device is still in prototype testing phase, and once we’ve refined the tech a bit more we’ll be opening up a community-based Alpha testing program.

Keep an eye on our Telegram group for updates on this program.

We’re looking forward to this next chapter of the BlockMesh development story and appreciate your support in helping us to achieve our goals. As always, find out more on our website and by joining our Telegram group and send any questions or comments to us on Twitter.




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